SELLING YOUR RING ON CONSIGNMENT Do you desire to part with your old jewelry like earrings, necklaces or an engagement ring? Would you like to consider some of the best ways to sell your diamond and jewelry? Consignment is a very good option but it requires a close study before you go for it. This […]

The Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds, as we know, is the queen of all precious gemstones. It is recognized for its own impeccable nature and is exceptional. Diamonds come with a vast color range along with a really low reactivity towards chemical substances. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and insulator of electricity. The shimmering diamond is simply another type of dark carbon. Diamonds can be bought in more shapes and styles than any other gemstone. “Carat” is the unit to determine the weight and size of a diamond. The concluding factors while buying diamond jewelry are its carat, clarity, cut and color. A number of widely […]


Diamonds: Knowing the Basics Part II

We would like to thank you for showing an interest in reading our blog. In this article we have looked at the other 2C’s and have added some money saving tips in there as well. Without further ado; let’s kick things off. 3. Carat The one thing that most people will keep their eye out […]

hand picked

Diamonds: Knowing the Basics Part I

Buying a diamond is a massive investment that you are making, and you need to make the right decision when choosing the diamond. Here are some of the basic mistakes that people make while picking out diamonds. Before we get into the discussion on what not to do; let’s talk about something that you need […]