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Buying a diamond is a massive investment that you are making, and you need to make the right decision when choosing the diamond. Here are some of the basic mistakes that people make while picking out diamonds. Before we get into the discussion on what not to do; let’s talk about something that you need to be doing. You need to understand the 4C’s before you finalise on the diamond; every seller is going to try to pull a fast one on you and push a poor quality diamond.

The 4C’s are carat, colour, cut and clarity. We will go over each of these essential parameters and look at what can be done to make your big decision as easy as possible.

1. Clarity

Let’s start things off with something easy. By now you should know that diamonds are formed under the surface of the earth where the carbon is subjected to huge amounts of pressure. What this pressure sometimes does is that it leads to some flaws appearing on the surface of the gemstone. So when you are looking at a diamond in a showroom; make sure you get the data on the diamond. If the information has FL written on it, then that means that the diamond is void of flaws; otherwise, there will mention the type of defects present in it. So when a merchant is trying to pull a fast one and push across a poor quality diamond, you will be aware that it is not value for money.




2. Colour

So the diamond that you are looking at is good, and there are no flaws. Now we move on to the second step; understanding the colour of the diamond. The best diamonds have a colour grade of D. The grades go from D to Z and D grade diamonds are the best of the lot. Colourless diamonds are what you are looking for especially if you are going to shelling out big bucks for them. It is common practice to hear diamond merchants say stuff like the pink or the blue diamond is the best one here. They are just trying to push coloured diamonds to unsuspecting customers who only realise that they have been taken for a ride when they try to sell their diamond at a later stage.

We have discussed two out of the 4C’s; check out our other article that explains the other 2C’s.