We would like to thank you for showing an interest in reading our blog. In this article we have looked at the other 2C’s and have added some money saving tips in there as well. Without further ado; let’s kick things off.

3. Carat

The one thing that most people will keep their eye out for is the carat value of the diamond. But what people don’t know is what a carat represents. A carat is the weight of the diamond where one carat refers to 200 milligram units. A single carat in itself is divided into 100 units. So for example if the carat of the diamond that you are looking into is 0.50 carat; what that means is that the diamond that you are looking at is a 50 pointer. The carat determines the price of the diamond but not the quality to a great extent. Larger diamonds will have a higher carat value, but that doesn’t mean they are of better quality. If anything, larger diamonds are prone to more flaws and blemishes and thus one of the major reasons why smaller diamonds are preferred and valued more.




4. Cut

We have saved the most important factor as the last one. The cut is by far the most critical factor that needs to be taken into account when purchasing a diamond. The cut is the only man-made change to the diamond. A poorly cut diamond can cost merchants thousands of dollars because a poorly cut diamond loses its reflective properties. The reflective properties result in the sparkle that is seen when light falls on it. This sparkle is often referred to as the fire of a diamond. Expert cutters take the utmost care to cut diamonds to retain its reflective properties. The cut is also the only factor that can greatly alter the other three factors and essentially influence the whole value of the diamond. A poorly cut diamond will not have great value and if you by any chance come across a poorly cut diamond, then move past it. Because other factor mistakes will not influence the selling price of a diamond as much as a poorly cut diamond.


The biggest money saver beyond these 4C’s is the shape of the diamond. You can save a lot of money by taking into account the 4C’s and then quickly lose your leverage by asking for a round or princess cut diamond. What we suggest is to go for an oval-shaped diamond and enjoy the 20-40% money that you’ll be saving.