Diamonds, as we know, is the queen of all precious gemstones. It is recognized for its own impeccable nature and is exceptional. Diamonds come with a vast color range along with a really low reactivity towards chemical substances. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and insulator of electricity.

The shimmering diamond is simply another type of dark carbon. Diamonds can be bought in more shapes and styles than any other gemstone. “Carat” is the unit to determine the weight and size of a diamond. The concluding factors while buying diamond jewelry are its carat, clarity, cut and color. A number of widely used diamond settings are bezels, cuts, chevrons, chanels , paves and prongs.

Diamond jewelry is among the most expensive types of jewelry. Diamond jewelry, especially diamond engagement rings, are unending preferred stones. A diamond solitaire necklace is an enviable and widely used jewelry gift. Diamonds put into gold are sought after all over the globe. Diamonds when in platinum settings, they make an awesome combination, though they can be pretty expensive. The pearl-diamond duo is an impression of elegance. Diamonds in white gold settings are increasingly becoming popular with the coming generations. Bracelets with diamonds embossed in them are unforgettable gift items.

However, diamonds aren’t are the Earth’s toughest materials, one hard hit can cause one to break. Therefore, diamond jewelry ought not to be worn in the course of heavy activities. Diamond jewelry is usually best maintained by cleaning it with a delicate brush using water and a small amount of ammonia. Diamond jewelry could be properly protected from scratches if they are kept in their original velvet boxes whenever they are not being worn.

Tips to Consider before Buying a Diamond Jewelry

  • The setting of the gemstones in the jewelry. Even though this does not particularly have an effect on the quality of the gems worth, it is an important aspect to consider when purchasing the jewelry.
  • The cut of the diamond or any other gemstone. A diamonds cut simply means its shape and its facets. The more complicated a diamond’s shape is, the much more features it will have, and then the more remarkable the diamond will likely be. The more remarkable a diamond is, the more expensive it is.
  • The carat of the diamond gemstone. A diamond’s carat is directly proportional to its own density and it is determined by the diamond’s weight. A single diamond carat is two hundred milligrams. Take into account on the other hand that the clarity is over the carat in figuring a diamonds price.
  • The worth of the gemstone. A diamond’s value is mainly determined by their color and their clarity. It is quite noticeable that a majority of diamonds are clear ones while color diamonds are rarely seen and so, colored diamonds being uncommon are more expensive than clear ones. Clarity is determined by the flawlessness of the precious diamond gem’s flaws. The less the faults found in the gem, the more valuable it is.
  • The lock of the diamond jewelry. This point is among one of a high concern. A bracelets lock is what secures it while it is worn on your wrist and so it really is important that a jewelry with a quality lock is to be considered. The perfect jewelry locks are those which are thick and examined not to be opened so easily.
Diamond Jewelry

The fact is that , you can easily learn a diamond’s history just by knowing its type . The reason being that when diamonds are primarily forming specific elemental atoms – mostly nitrogen, might alternate carbon atoms inside the crystal lattice. Later on, those atoms are going to move within the structure, usually clustering with each other. These types of chemical impurities and structural anomalies are not detectable with our bare eyes, however, they have an effect on the diamonds’ color and physical appearance.

What is considered more strange about the classification system is that just one stone can in fact be allocated multiple Diamond types . Once experts, such as those at the Gemological Institute of America, decide what a stone’s true classification is, they will mark its type on the certificate.

Precisely how is this facts related to you as a diamond buyer? Shockingly , those tiny traces of nitrogen could convert to a huge value difference . Diamond gemstones are a substantial investment, and also as their kind is directly relevant to their value, it is actually important to learn how to distinguish the classifications.

Types of Diamonds

Type Ia Diamonds: They are the type of diamonds that radiates a Yellowish hue because they consist of Nitrogen in large clusters.

Type IIa Diamonds: They are the rarest and valuable type of diamonds. They contain little or no nitrogen within their crystals lattice, so they tend to absorb short-wave light easily. An example of this diamond is the Hope Diamond.

Type Ib Diamonds: They are uncommon compared to Type Ia. They contain single nitrogen atoms instead of clusters in their crystal lattice. An example is a diamond that contains Yellowish Green tone.

Type IIb Diamonds: They lack Nitrogen atom within their crystal lattice. They are extremely rare which makes them highly valuable.