Expensive jewlery

Precious jewels are a substance that has been invested in by many for hundreds of years. Even today, there are people all over the world that would kill for a small rock worth millions of dollars. In this article, we have listed out some of these very expensive pieces of jewellery.


Princess Diana was and is still an iconic person beloved by people all over the globe. Her engagement ring, a huge sapphire set in diamonds, is again an iconic piece of jewellery for it was personally chosen by her, perhaps because sapphire is always her gem of choice, or perhaps it reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring, there are hundreds of speculations. The ring has now been handed down to Princess Catherine who was gifted the same by Princess William on their engagement. Today the ring is valued at over 38,488 dollars.

This necklace has a centrepiece that is a stunning briolette diamond that weighs over 75 carats and also has smaller marquise diamond attached to it. It further has smaller briolette diamonds as well, all set on a chain made of white gold. The chain itself weighs over 18 carats and its length can be adjusted. Today the necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in the world and has an estimated worth of over 11.1 million.



Shaped like a panther and studded with diamonds and onyxes, the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson’s Panther bracelet was designed by Cartier Paris in 1952. Despite some of its stones missing, the bracelet was auctioned out for over 12.4 million dollars which is almost thrice its original value. Today it said that the coveted bracelet is owned by Madonna who had directed a film about Simpson.

The heart of the ocean is perhaps one of the most popular and recognised pieces of jewellery in the world today. A replica of the beautiful jewel that made its appearance in the movie Titanic, it was worn by Gloria Stuart who played the elderly Rose in the movie, to the 1998 Academy awards. Created by an acclaimed jeweller, Harry Winston, the necklace features an original blue diamond worth over 15 carats. Today it is priced at just around 20 million and is among the world’s most expensive necklaces ever. Even imitations of the same cost around 3.5 million due to its popularity.